Sunday, August 14, 2011

Offering to Tyr

Yesterday, August 13, 2011, my husband and I made offerings to Tyr. While the toddler can be a bit of a distraction, we generally let the 3 year old watch and participate to the extant that a 3 year old's attention span will permit. Instead, we had the unusual experience of two small children that actually wanted to go to bed somewhat early. This left us with a quiet space to give our full focus to Tyr, and not to the child reaching for the hammer, or bowl, etc. 

After my husband prepared the area and started the ceremony, I read a call to Tyr, written especially for this offering. As sometimes happens, I get a bit of writer's block, and at the very last minute, the words come flooding out. This is precisely what happened, late in the afternoon yesterday (8/13/2011). In addition to a dry wine (my own personal intuition as to what Tyr may appreciate- nothing supported in the lore for that),Tyr was hailed with these words: 

Hail Tyr, the Victory-Giver!
One-Handed is the Wolf-Binder.
Tyr, who does what needs to be done,
When all others are fettered by fear.
The noble, steadfast, and shining star,
A cold, but guiding light you are, Sky Father.
Ancient God of Mists and Mountains- 
The Axis, Irminsul, straight and stern.
Like the tallest tree in the darkest forest,
Stands firm, always, the God of the Thing. 

Following these words, we spoke briefly about our concerns- the economy, the recent riots, our dwindling liberties, world affairs, etc. Corruption that our ancestors could not have fathomed seems to surround us all at every turn. It's all so out of control, and feels very much like a wolf that must be bound. That may seem an impossible task. May we have the sense of purpose, unwavering and unshakable, that we may prepare our family for leaner times. May we sacrifice only what is absolutely necessary, but have the wisdom and fortitude to sacrifice it when the time comes. May we spend more time doing and less time worrying. It is so easy to worry when you take a look at what is happening in our country and around the world. But, worrying just makes you feel like you are doing something, when all it is actually accomplishing is creating stress and exhaustion. 

To my understanding, Tyr is core values, valor, and doing what is right no matter what. Tyr's Justice is not one of slavishly adhering to codes and laws, because legislation is often a far cry from establishing protections for what is fair and Right. To be clear, I'm not advocating anyone breaking the law, but I say this to make the following points.

  • You cannot legislate morality. 
  • You cannot legislate what people think. 

Something else, something from inside a person, is what governs these things. No legislation can give a person that. Those values are instilled during childhood, in their families and their communities. You cannot legislate wisdom. Only experience brings that. And what experiences are we gaining for ourselves? Tyr was the God of the Thing, not because our ancestors called on him for understanding of legislation, but to reach wise, fair and equitable decisions that were in accordance to their way- to connect with that part of themselves that embody Tyr's commitment to what was right, not what was convenient.

Into the wine and into the well, our words were spoken. I chanted runes into the wine before my husband then poured it on the ground.

Looking around at the world today, the world needs a few more people who embody Tyr's commitment to do what is right. May Tyr's influence here in Midgard ever increase. Hail!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It has been a trying day for me. One that has lefting worrying more and doing less. This has been as issue for me in recent weeks. I've long since diagnosed the problem, but apathy has held me in place.
    Your Blot was inspiring, and I will also call upon Tyr and ask his blessing, guidance and influence in my life.